Your time is highly valued. As you review this info you must know that God still speaks to people and He is supernatural.  This is God’s project not ours. If you chose to participate you must know you were the one that was actually chosen to be a part of this project therefore we believe God chose you (you didn’t chose this project).

We are building a non denominational Christ center memorial park – that will become a favorite tourist attraction for many of the over 5,000,000 annual visitors that come to Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

Our nation and region needs this Christ centered memorial family park and giant cross.  On an annual basis there will be ONE MILLION people that will be touched by the power of the cross.  There will be a spiritual butterfly effect that takes place – the impact will be more than we can even come close to imagining.

DL Moody – Our greatest fear should not be our fear of failing but succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.  All I can say it this matters – Such a time as now…..

Big Cross Ministries Inc DBA Gulf Coast Cross Project launched April2012.

Land was donated. 4.13 acres 16988 County Road 73 Summerdale, AL by the Engel Family. $24,000 value

Survey donated by Marshall Smith – $5000 value

Landscaped Engineered Drawings & Site Plan donated by Chad Watkins with W.A.S. Design – $8000 value

Architectural Drawings donated by Brad Lee Patterson valued at $5000

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Drawings donated by Gary Bishop valued at $5000

Civil Engineered Drawings donation by Barry Dees with Dees Engineering valued at $6000

BMP plan and drawings donation by Barry Dees with Dees Engineering valued at $2000

Building Materials donated by Mike Hood with Hoods Home Center valued at approx $30000-$40000

Temp Electric Pole donated by Jimmy Maloy – valued at $1000

General Contractor Services donated by David Wilson – valued at approx $20000

Website development – donated by Andy Bent – valued at approx $1500

Text Marketing Service donated by MAXS – valued at approx $4000

Accounting Services donated by Norma Wilson Giles CPA – valued at $2000

Billboard space donated by Troy Tatum w/ Lamar Outdoor -valued at $12000

ABOVE TOTAL: $120,500

Future Con_rmed Donation

Land Services – Excavating and Final Grade donated by White’s Land Services – valued at approx $25000

ALL Masonry Labor donated by David Wilson with Wilson Masonry – valued at approx $10000

Split Face Cinder Block for the Welcome Center donated – valued at approx $12000

Metal Roof labor installation for Welcome Center donated by Roof Doctors – value at approx $4000

Metal Roof supplies pledged by Metal Roof Center and Supply – valued at approx $5000

Plumbing Labor donated by Ben Franklin Plumbing – valued at approx 7500

Capital Formation and Project Development Expert donated by Complyi Corporation – value at approx $15000

ABOVE TOTAL: $78,500

Pledge – $100,000 by John McInnis Jr to go towards the construction of the cross but the Welcome Center has to be built before that pledge can turn into a donation.

Over a decade ago the Heavenly Father spoke to Jon Butler and said that land would be donated and professional services would all be donated. God doesn’t lie and faith is a powerful thing.