In 1960, MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz tried to model the weather.  He wrote simplified equations and solved them on a primitive computer.  Sure enough, his output did behave a lot like real weather.  His colleagues watched over his shoulder.  They were fascinated.  In 1963 Mr. Lorenz made a presentation to the New York Academy of Sciences and was literally laughed out of the room.  His theory, called the Butterfly Effect, stated that a butterfly could flap its wings and set air molecules in motion that, in turn, would move other air molecules which would then move additional air molecules eventually becoming able to influence weather patterns on the other side of the
planet.  For years this theory remained an interesting myth.  In the mid-1990s, however, physics professors from several universities, working in tandem, proved that the Butterfly Effect was accurate, viable, and worked every time.

God has put it on my heart that the Gulf Coast Cross Park is going to create millions of “Spiritual Butterfly Effects”.

When you donate to the Gulf Coast Cross Project your donation becomes a flap of the butterfly”s wings.

  • Your donation could lead to not just one person to the cross but dozens or hundreds or perhaps thousands.
  • Your donation could lead to someone being healed from cancer.
  • Your donation could lead to a marriage being reconciled
  • This is God”s Project and millions will be supernaturally affected.

When you give a brick paver donation to this incredible project your donation keeps giving year after and decade after decade.  In essence you are also creating a legacy.

Lastly and most importantly you are honoring God and making a stand for God.

There are many ways you, your family, or your company can be a part of this project.

  • Custom brick paver – great for individuals, families, and small companies.
  • Sponsorship opportunities – perfect for corporate donors.
    • Stone benches and stone picnic table
    • Granite monuments that are etched with Bible scripture
    • Trees and garden area
    • Park feature dedication opportunities
    • Gift shop
    • Mini amphitheater
    • “He’s got the whole work in his hands” splash pad fountain
    • Jesus tomb replica
    • Believers art gallery
    • Look to the heavens theater room

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